Empowered Business​​​​​​​​

Empowered Business  

In the startup ecosystem, challenges are everywhere. Each day presents a new set of variables that need to be addressed. Plus, there is also a constant need to grow the market, acquire new customers and remain productive at every stage of the startup lifecycle.

For a startup to survive in a highly competitive environment, it needs to be agile. Cloud based collaborative solutions, workforce management tools and security services can help startups gain a competitive edge.​

Our wide range of enterprise solutions can empower your startup and make it a Ready Startup.

Featured Products:

  • SuperNet™ 4G for Business  

    SuperNet™ 4G for Business

    Experience the world's largest 4G network. Already adopted by enterprises from sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, BFSI, and retail, Vodafone SuperNet™ 4G provides data speeds that make for an ultra-fast internet experience.

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  • Mobile Workforce Essentials  

    Mobile Workforce Essentials

    A cost-effective, cloud-based business platform that gives companies of any size in any industry the ability to build and customise a mobile workforce management solution for their specific business needs with 200+ pre-built app modules.

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  • Office 365  

    Office 365

    Office 365 is a cloud based productivity suite that combines the latest edition of Microsoft Office with the latest collaboration and communication tools - Skype for Business, Exchange, OneDrive and a lot more.

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  • Vehicle Tracking Solution  

    Vehicle Tracking Solution

    A service that lets you gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve your business efficiency.

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  • Wireless Payments  

    Wireless Payments

    A platform that enables secure, end-to-end transactions between banking systems or payment gateways and end devices.

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  • Security & Surveillance  

    Security & Surveillance

    A suite of products that empower enterprises and governments by delivering remote security and surveillance solutions to protect sensitive information.

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  • IoT Platform  

    IoT Platform

    A platform that lets you get the most from deployed solutions while giving you control, visibility and manageability of your assets.

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  • M2M Specific SIMs  

    Our M2M Specific SIMs

    Special SIMs for IoT deployments that are designed to operate under high temperature and pressure levels are ideal for all IoT implementations in harsh conditions while ensuring longer lifespans.

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