Vodafone Start-up Flexi-kit

Flexi-Kit for start-ups

As a start-up, you face and overcome new challenges every day and are doing what it takes to grow and scale your business rapidly.

From increasing market reach, to enabling flexible working for employees to agile decision-making, you have to do it all. Albeit, not alone.

We recognise your passion for innovation and rapid growth, and are here to partner with you in this journey. Our in-house experts are here to guide you with specialised, technical expertise, as well as facilitate learnings of best-in-class business processes through mentorships, sessions and workshops. As your growth partners, we have put together this Flexi-Kit, a specially curated scalable portfolio of products to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. For your unique business needs, we have identified 3 key pillars for partnership:

Market Reach

Market Reach



Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Market Reach

Amplify your business’ reach with access to Mobile Marketing tools like SMS, MMS, OBD, Email, Social and Digital tools to target potential customers with highly customised and relevant messaging.

  • Identify target customers

  • Leverage digital channels to increase brand reach

  • Optimise mobile promotions to improve success rate

  • Maximise ROI on marketing spends

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Through our start-up mentorship programme, our in-house subject matter experts will help you gain insights into industry best practices for running and scaling your business. You can gain insights into a range of topics.

  • Setting up a sales and distribution channel

  • Managing finances

  • Attracting & retaining talent

  • Creating a powerful go-to-market strategy

Business Solutions


Gain access to our wide range of SaaS solutions to optimise and manage your business operations, like G-suite, Vodafone Super Shield, Web Buddy and more.

  • Get professional email

  • Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere

  • Drive better collaboration and teamwork

  • Dedicated support team

  • Enjoy easy payment options with an intuitive billing process

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  • Use our expertise to ensure control and security of your data.

  • Save on real estate cost with server hosting and Cloud services

  • Secure data infrastructure for

    • Data transfer

    • IP addresses

    • Shared firewall

    • Cross connect

  • Reduce in-house server maintenance cost

  • Ensure high uptime

    • Secure & scalable

    • Complete end-to-end vendor management

  • PCI-DSS, MEITY and TIER IV certified


With our long record of successful IoT implementations globally, we can help you harness the power of connected technology to optimise operations and improve your ROI. Gain access to our IoT expertise as well as IoT solutions like Vodafone IoT Connectivity and Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, to scale your business.

  • Develop applications & scale your business by adopting IoT

  • Get control, visibility and manageability of assets

  • Reduce operational costs

    • Deploying and remotely manage your IoT SIMs

    • Prevent SIM misuse and detect faulty SIMs

  • Get secure IoT connectivity

  • Get private APN for connectivity

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