SD WAN Solutions  

Enterprises of all sizes are transforming their business processes by deploying corporate applications in a multi-cloud environment. Unfortunately, many enterprises are unable to fully realise the benefits of multi-Cloud or hybrid Cloud.

Presenting Vodafone SD-WAN, a Cloud-ready, multi-tenanted, managed SD-WAN solution for digital businesses.


While compute and storage technologies in most organisations have advanced to Cloud, the WAN networks are primarily still in a traditional architecture, static, manually operated and hardware-centric.

A Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution gives you the ability to reconfigure your WAN network using multiple transports to access applications in a multi-cloud environment.

What are the features of Vodafone SD-WAN?

Digital Ready

Faster access to multi-cloud applications (Private, Public)

Multi transport

Interplay of Internet, MPLS, Broadband, 4G LTE (SIM/Dongle)

Software Defined
Software Defined

Centralised network portal to operate PAN India WAN network

Cloud First
Cloud first

Securely deploy in AWS, Azure over Internet, MPLS

Easy to Adopt
Easy to adopt

Simply replace existing traditional routers with SD-WAN CPEs

Simple Subscription
Simple Subscription

Avail managed service pricing for various contract durations

Pan India
PAN India

Seamlessly connect offices, remote branches, private data centres and public Cloud providers

What are the benefits of adopting Vodafone SD-WAN?

Multi-site WAN network

Higher productivity by configuring multi-site WAN network on the fly using online portal

Managed SD-WAN network

Peace of mind due to Managed SD-WAN network

WAN Network

Better control due to centralised control and visibility of entire WAN network

Less Application downtime

Less application downtime due to usage of traffic steering on optimal path

Multi-cloud ready network

Multi-cloud ready network to seamlessly connect IaaS, SaaS clouds using secure network

Open Based Pricing

Increased ROI with Opex based pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vodafone SD-WAN work?

Vodafone SD-WAN works to enhance Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities and reach to private and public Clouds and provide centralised control based on the Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework.

Our unique deployment approach relies on:

  • A centralised, multi-tenanted SD-WAN platform, powered by Nokia's Nuage Networks

  • Simple migration from a traditional router CPE to SD-WAN CPE

  • Multitude of transport options for HO offices, remote offices, data centres, IaaS/SaaS Clouds

  • Multi-layer security covering both the core platform as well as CPE

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) - Overlay
What services are covered under our SD-WAN offering?
What are the applications of SD-WAN in business networking?

  • Large, medium and small branch connectivity with resilience, load sharing and application steering

  • Managed local internet connectivity to public Cloud applications

  • Secure integration of small sites on low cost broadband or 4G LTE

  • Centralised policy enforcement and management via a single console

  • Secure connectivity to public and private Clouds with end-to-end visibility and control

  • Service chaining with third party security functions for additional security

  • 24x7 Monitoring & Management, Security, Change Management, AMC and On-field support

What are the business transformational features of SD-WAN?
  • Securely connects to various public, private clouds

  • Delivers better application performance

  • Worry-free, managed SD-WAN network with SLAs

  • Achieves cost-efficiency and network scale to connect remote branches

  • Network and application analytics using online self-service portal

The Vodafone Advantage

Managed SD-WAN solution

Industry-first, multi-tenanted, managed SD-WAN
solution from a leading telecom operator

SD WAN Services

The largest bouquet of transport
options, ILL 1:1, MPLS L3,
Broadband, 4G LTE

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