Enterprise Mobility Plans​​


Employees today need instant access to information and seamless communication with colleagues and customers. Enterprises need to embrace mobile technologies to support this flexible workforce while maintaining a control over the costs. Vodafone’s Voice and Data Propositions are specifically designed keeping your organisation’s needs in mind.

  • Features

    Vodafone RED4Business Propositions

    In order to provide your organisation with the best mobility propositions, we have launched Vodafone RED4Business. This set of mobility propositions is designed for businesses looking for a worry-free, secure and truly differentiated experience.

    Bundled Voice and Data Tariff Propositions

    With BYOD becoming a reality, and employees carrying their smartphones to work, we understand your tariff proposition should complement your voice and data needs. Our range of Vodafone Connect Propositions lets you pick and choose Bundled Voice and Data offerings across geographies.

    Standard Voice Tariff Propositions

    The Vodafone Talk portfolio is designed to meet your organisation’s requirements. These plans combine the benefits of Closed User Groups and flexible voice minutes to help your business manage its mobility needs.

    Bespoke Tariff Propositions

    If your organisation requires a plan tailor-made specifically to your needs, Vodafone will create the perfect proposition for you.

  • Benefits

    Vodafone RED4Business


    • The best mobility propositions, which are much more than just a tariff plan
    • RED4Business offers a worry-free, secure and truly differentiated experience

    Bundled Voice and Data Tariff


    • Select the ideal bundled Voice and Data Propositions for your organisation
    • Designed specifically for smartphones

    Standard Voice Tariff


    • Designed to meet your voice requirements
    • Combines the benefits of Closed User Groups and flexible voice minutes

    Bespoke Tariff


    • Plans tailor-made specifically to your needs



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