Internet of Things (IoT​) Solutions​​​

Internet of Things 

Being a Ready Business today means harnessing the capabilities of machines to gain a significant competitive advantage. With automation on the rise and as your organisa​tion expands, your Internet of Things (IoT) requirements are bound to increase. You can depend on Vodafone IoT to deliver just the right kind of solution for your business.

Backed by our global expertise in IoT, Vodafone enables you to tap into the tremendous potential of the IoT phenomenon, while delivering better insights for faster decision-making, significantly reducing costs and risk. Get ready to join the ‘connected revolution’. You can depend on Vodafone IoT to deliver just the right kind of solution for your business.

  • Special SIMs 

    Special SIMs

    Vodafone Special SIMs for IoT deployments are designed to operate under higher temperature and pressure levels and ideal for all IoT implementations in harsh conditions and are designed for longer lifespans.

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  • Vodafone Location Tracker 

    Vodafone Location Tracker

    The Vodafone Location Tracker is a transformative tool that lets you gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve your business efficiency.

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  • Wireless Payments 

    Wireless Payments

    Vodafone Wireless Payments provides a host of secure, point-to-point connectivity solutions that power financial transactions for wireless sales systems.

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  • Automotive Telematics 

    Automotive Telematics

    Vodafone Automotive Telematics helps you enhance vehicle performance, improve design and streamline your operations, thereby significantly improving customer satisfaction levels.

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  • Remote Asset Management 

    Remote Asset Management

    Vodafone Remote Asset Management enables remote monitoring and maintenance of assets, machines and systems, thereby helping transform your business.

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  • Security & Surveillance 

    Security & Surveillance

    Vodafone Security & Surveillance empowers enterprises and governments by delivering remote security and surveillance solutions to protect sensitive information.

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  • Smart Metering Solutions 

    Smart Metering Solutions

    Vodafone Smart Metering Solutions deliver a wealth of detailed, real-time data by connecting meters to servers so you can monitor the utility consumption of your customers.

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  • Vodafone IoT 

    Vodafone IoT

    The Vodafone IOT lets you do just that by managing the connectivity while giving you control, visibility and manageability of your assets.

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