Ensuring eas​y transfer of wages​​​​​​

Vodafone helped ConAgro, an FMCG company which distributes products across India, also distribute its wages with equal efficiency to its staff. This resulted in a more motivated and productive workforce, making ConAgro a Ready Business.


Business Challenge

  • ConAgra transfers order-based monthly incentives to the EDS (sales staff) who are on the rolls of distributors.
  • The challenges they faced were partial disbursements, delay in payment and lack of visibility on the amount, leading to low productiveness.

Vodafone Solution

  • ConAgro now uses M-Pesa to transfer money to the account of the staff.
  • E-money is transferred to the mobile wallet of the staff, which is cashed out through M-Pesa channel points or consumed digitally.

Business Benefit

  • With M-Pesa, the incentives directly reach the account of the staff ensuring satisfaction and authentication of receiving money safely.
  • High productivity of the staff.
  • Easy and convenient flow of money and money conversion.

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