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    Free Amazon Prime Membership Offer

    Youth Offer on Amazon Prime​​

    RED Postpaid  

    Exclusive Youth Offer! Get 50% off on 1 year Amazon Prime membership. Offer Valid for Vodafone U Prepaid Customers between the age of 18-24

    Latest and exclusive Movies & Shows on Amazon Prime Video

    Ad-Free music with unlimited downloads on Amazon Prime Music

    Unlimited FREE fast delivery and exclusive deals on shopping


    Get a VF Prepaid SIM

    • Go to the nearest Retail Outlet
    • Register for a new Vodafone prepaid SIM with your Aadhar number

    Already have a Prepaid Number? Get 50% off on Amazon Prime Membership

    Simply download MyVodafone App on your device and activate the offer on the home page.

    MyVodafone App Apple App Store 
    MyVodafone App Google Play Store 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Amazon Prime?

    2. What is youth offer on Amazon Prime for Vodafone U?

    3. Is this offer available for postpaid customers?

    4. How do I avail the Vodafone U offer on Amazon Prime?

    5. After paying on the My Vodafone App can I directly login to Amazon site and avail my Prime Membership?

    6. My payment has gone through but I am unable to login to Amazon page due to tech issues.

    7. I am 18-24 years of age but I am using a SIM that belongs to someone else who is not in this age group. How can I avail the offer?

    8. I am an existing Prime subscriber. Can I avail this offer?

    9. I am an existing Prime customer and have purchased this offer by mistake, how will I get my refund?

    10. Can I purchase this offer but activate my membership at a later date?

    11. I am 18-24 years old and have a Vodafone pre-paid connection. However, I am not able to see the “Youth offer on Amazon Prime” on my app homepage. What should I do to avail the offer?

    12. I had purchased this offer earlier but not activated within 2 days, can I purchase this offer again?

    13. How do I get support for Prime Video?

    14. How do I get support for my Prime benefits including free shipping?

    15. Where can I watch Amazon Prime?

    16. Can I watch Amazon Prime on more than one device?

    17. How long is my Amazon Prime membership valid for?

    18. What happens at the end of one year or the offer period?

    19. How can I cancel Amazon Prime membership?

    20. Can I download videos on Amazon Prime Video?

    21. Can I activate Amazon prime from my available talk time balance?

    22. Will my Amazon Prime membership get deactivated if I port out of Vodafone?

    23. Will my Amazon Prime membership get deactivated if I migrate to Postpaid?

    24. Will all my orders on Amazon get delivered in 1 or 2 days?




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