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     Caller Tunes, Music, Videos FAQs​​​


    Value Added Services FAQs

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    Caller Tunes


    Activation - Send CT <SMS Code> to 56789 to set the Callertune. For example to set the Vodafone Tune as Callertunes then send CT 130030 to 56789 Charges– Rs 5 / SMS.


    • If you have already subscribed to the Callertune service – Rs. 15 per Callertune For 90 days
    • If you have not subscribed to the Callertune service – Rs. 36 rental per month
    • And Rs. 15 per Callertune for 90 days


    • If you're a Postpaid customer, SMS CAN CT to 199 (toll free)
    • If you're a Prepaid customer, SMS CAN CT to 144 (toll free)
    • Your caller tune will get Deactivated in the next 4 hours

    Activation / deactivation Caller tune service will be activated / deactivated within 30 mins and a confirmation SMS will be sent on your Vodafone mobile number.

    Vodafone Alert


    Vodafone Alert is a bundled package with wide range of services ranging from Sports, Entertainment, Devotional, Infotainment, Rural, Finance, Health and Education segment. Along with daily in and out around you it also provides several entertaining packages which keeps you engaged through-out the day. To Avail Vodafone Alerts Service of your choice, dial *123# (Tollfree). Below are few Vodafone Alerts Service types:

    • Sports- Get regular updates from the ground of Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis and Formuala-1.
    • Entertainment- Follow your celebrities, movie reviews and filmy gossips and play competition and win prizes.
    • Devotional- Stay in touch with your faith, wherever you are.
    • Finance- Get latest update from the stock market for a wise investment.
    • Infotainment- Be updated with news from all the happenings around you.
    • Lifestyle- Make the most of your free time by having some fun.


    • Send RT <song or movie name> as an SMS to 56789 or to get the list of top 10 tunes, just send RT TOP as SMS to 56789
    • After choosing the song, send RT <song number> to 56789
    • You will then receive a reply asking you to save the sound
    • Selected Ringtone gets saved in the Tones option of your phone.
    • Downloading a Ringtone takes a few minutes.

    Charges- you will be charged Rs. 5 / SMS and an additional Rs. 7 for downloading a Ringtone.

    Vodafone TV



    • Variety of Channels across genres like News, Music, Entertainment, Infotainment, Regional, Lifestyle, Fashion and more on Vodafone TV
    • Fast channel switching: When playing a channel you can browse through the other available channels under the same genre by just clicking on the left and right navigation keys
    • Electronic program guide: View the upcoming programs for live channels by clicking on the ‘Program Guide’ option from the channels listing page.
    • Look for your Favorite channels for faster navigation
    • Add mostly watched channels in your Favorites section
    • Manual or Automatic Selection of the Data Network to browse (2G or 3G)

    Download:To download Vodafone TV application on your Vodafone mobile phone, SMS TV to 199 (toll free)

    Deactivate Vodafone TV:
    Prepaid Customers : SMS CAN TVALL to 144 (toll free) (for all channels)
    Postpaid Customers: SMS CAN TVALL to 199 (toll free ) (for all channels)

    Alternatively, you can also go to My Packages and select the channel you wish to unsubscribe.

    Note: Activation/Deactivation- 4 hours


    Monthly Weekly Daily
    Non Premium Channels Rs. 150/- NA Rs. 7/-
    Premium Channels Rs. 30/- Rs. 10/- Rs. 3/-

    How to activate/deactivate value added services (VAS)?



    Self-Service Modes Prepaid Postpaid
    SMS By sending activation keyword to 144 By sending activation keyword to 199
    USSD *321# , *111# *321# , *111#
    Website Website homepage >> Shop >> Music, videos and more Website homepage >> Shop >> Music, videos and more
    My Vodafone App Go to MyVodafone App > > Main Menu>> Active packs and services Go to MyVodafone App > > Main Menu>> Shop and extras
    IVR 199, 198, 1909 199, 198, 1909


    Self-Service Modes Prepaid Postpaid
    SMS By sending deactivation keyword to 155223 By sending deactivation keyword to 155223
    USSD *321# , *111# *321# , *111#
    Website >> My services >> My services
    My Vodafone App Go to MyVodafone App > > Main Menu>> Active packs and services Go to MyVodafone App > > Main Menu>> Active packs and plans
    IVR 155223, 199 155223, 199



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