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     4G Mobile Intern​et FAQs​​


    4G LTE FAQs

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    What is Vodafone 4G ?


    Vodafone 4G (short for 4th Generation) is the next evolution in mobile technology. It provides significantly improved internet experience for a smartphone user. You will enjoy almost instantaneous web page loading, faster photo viewing on Facebook and video streaming without the wait.

    What is the difference between Vodafone 3G and Vodafone 4G?


    In one word: Speed. Vodafone 4G provides faster internet speed, up to ten times faster than the current 3G speed.

    What is the difference between 4G and LTE?


    They are both essentially the same. 4G is often referred to as LTE which stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’.

    What’s special about Vodafone 4G?


    Vodafone has the world’s largest 4G network. With over 20 million customers spread across the world, Vodafone 4G is backed by years of international expertise, ensuring that you experience 4G the way the world experiences it today. Being on the 1800 MHz spectrum, Vodafone 4G today offers the best Indoor Coverage.

    What is the price of 4G packs?


    The price of 4G & 3G internet packs are same. Only the speed of internet varies.

    Why should I opt for 4G?


    Opting for 4G means you can stream even HD videos without buffering and download movies in a matter of minutes. And of course, all your regular tasks like uploading photos, downloading music or apps, become a lot faster. In a nutshell, it is a whole new way to experience the internet.

    Can I experience Vodafone 4G, before I decide to buy it?


    Of course. Please walk into your nearest Vodafone store to experience the magic of 4G. You can even opt for a Free Upgrade to 4G by exchanging your 3G SIM for a new 4G SIM at your nearest Vodafone store.

    What is the speed expected from Vodafone 4G?


    The speeds on Vodafone 4G are from 10 Mbps up to 30 Mbps.
    Vodafone 4G provides up to ten times faster speed than 3G. However, actual speed experienced by you might vary depending on factors like handset/SIM/network and also the content being accessed.

    What are the requirements to begin using 4G?


    a. You will need:

    1. a 4G SIM
    2. a 4G handset
    3. To select ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ in your network settings
    4. Be present in a 4G zone (4G area)

    How can I know whether my device is 4G enabled?


    a. As 4G is still a new technology, not all devices have 4G capability. If you are not sure about whether your smart device is 4G enabled, you can SMS ‘4G check’ to 199 (toll-free.) Alternatively, you can also visit the Vodafone website.
    You can check for yourself, too. Go to Phone Settings> About Device> and you will find the device model number. You can search for this model online on websites such as GSM arena or Phone Arena to check whether it supports 4G.

    How will I know if I am browsing on 4G?


    Depending upon your handset’s built, ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ will appear next to the coverage signal on your device. Also you will find a noticeable improvement in the speed of loading pages, downloading and uploading files.

    How will I know if my phone is ready to use 4G services?


    If you meet all the requirements listed out in point number 6, then SMS ‘4G check’ to 199 (toll-free) to check if your phone is ready to use 4G or check our website.

    Do I need to configure any special settings on my phone to use 4G?


    Just ensure that within network settings, the Bearer Type is set at ‘Unspecified’.

    Do I need a separate SIM to use 4G services?


    Yes, you will need a separate SIM to use 4G services. Visit any of our stores for a free 4G SIM upgrade.

    When and where is Vodafone launching 4G in India?


    Vodafone 4G has been launched in Mumbai, Delhi and parts of Kerala, Karnataka & Kolkata states.

    I am from a 4G circle; will I get 4G speed if I visit a 3G / 3G ICR circle?


    At present, 4G speed is available only in the designated 4G circle / 4G zones. If you move outside of this zone, you will be unable to experience 4G. Speed will depend on service available in that area viz 3G / 2G.

    Will I be able to access 4G while on roaming?


    Only if you are from a Vodafone 4G circle, going to another Vodafone 4G circle and have selected Vodafone network in a 4G zone / area. 4G will not be accessible while on International roaming (both in-roamers and out-roamers) as of now.

    Will I be able to access 4G on a network other than Vodafone?


    Not at the moment. For example: if you are a customer of the Karnataka circle and use 4G in Karnataka, then you will not be able to experience 4G in Mumbai if, for example, Airtel, is selected.

    I am a Mobile Broadband user, will my existing dongle be able to give me 4G speed?


    No. Existing Vodafone dongles are designed to provide 3G speed. Vodafone will shortly launch new high speed 4G capable devices like dongles / MiFi which will support 4G.

    Do I need to buy a 4G device only from Vodafone?


    It is not necessary to purchase a 4G device only from Vodafone; you can buy one from the open handset market but ensure that it is LTE/4G compatible so that you can access high / very fast 4G speed.



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