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The FAQs mentioned below cover everything you need to know about M4G Awards.Read them carefully.

Read them carefully.


Where can I find basic information on Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards?

You can find the basic information on Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards at page, which includes information on Award Categories, Awards Eligibility Criteria, Award Timelines, Application Form and Past Winners.

Who can apply for Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards?

Depending on the Awards Category, NGO's/ NFP's/ Individuals/ Government Organizations as well as For Profit Organizations can apply for the award. For detailed information on Awards eligibility criteria please refer our website under the head "How to Apply"

What is the objective of Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards?

The Mobile for Good Awards is a flagship initiative of the Vodafone Foundation in India that recognizes and supports emerging talent and innovative mobile solutions from NGOs/NFPs that facilitate community empowerment and inclusive growth. Through the M4G Awards, the Vodafone Foundation’s vision is, "Recognizing innovative solutions for mobilizing social change in India"

What are the categories under M4G 2016 Awards?

This year, the M4G 2016 Awards have been divided into two major categories – NPO and Social Enterprise. There are five sub categories under NPO segment - Health, Education, Agriculture & Environment and Women Empowerment & Inclusive Development and Government Solutions (only for Government Organizations) and four sub categories under Social Enterprise segment – Health, Education, Agriculture & Environment and Women Empowerment & Inclusive Development. For more details please refer to our website under the head "Award Category"

Is the funding grant available for Both NPO as well as Social Enterprise Category Awards?

No, the funding grant is available for only NPO Category Awards (excluding government solutions). The Social Enterprise Awardees will receive a Recognition Certificate and a Souvenir from the Vodafone Foundation. Also there shall be no funding grant for sub category government solutions.

What is the total funding grant available for M4G 2016 Awards?

The Mobile for Good Awards 2016 will have a total funding grant of INR 90,000,000 (Ninty lakh rupees) in the NPO Category Awards. The five best mobile solutions, out of the above mentioned four sub categories (excluding government solutions), in the NPO Category Awards will be awarded the amount of INR 1,500,000 (fifteen lakh rupees) each.

What sorts of projects can apply for Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards?

All projects wherein mobile technology has been leveraged for broader social and environmental good. There should be emphasis on innovation, technology and overall sustainability of the project. For details regarding the categories for this year refer to our website under the head Award categories.

How old can the project be?

Project shall be ongoing for more than six (6) months (not less than that).

Is it required to disclose investment cost for the project?

Yes, it is required to disclose the total Project Investments. Financial shall be segregated into Capital Investment and Recurring Costs (operation & maintenance).

Do I own the intellectual property of my idea/concept/project?

Yes, the applicant owns the rights to data and inventions resulting from any award-money-supported project/idea.

Where can I find the details on M4G Awards 2016 Funding Grant?

Please refer our website under the head "what you get"

Is the winner free to use the award-money?

The use of award-money needs to be mutually decided by the Vodafone Foundation & the winner. The award money shall be used only for further strengthening and supporting the winning project.


How do I apply for the awards?

Participants are required to fill the Entry Form online at "Apply now". Thereafter, Entry Forms will be scrutinized in detail by the Screening Committee and shortlisted candidates will be asked to fill the detailed Application Form sent via mail to them

The Vodafone Foundation does not accept printed (hardcopy) copy of Entry Forms. Please read the General Information before filling up the Entry and detailed Application Form (For shortlisted candidates) under "How we award"

Is there any fee to apply for Mobile for Good (M4G) Awards?

There is no registration fee for M4G Awards

Do I need a special invitation to apply?

No, applicant can directly apply through the online application form at our website under the head "Apply now".

Application form and Supporting Documents

Can an applicant apply for both NPO & Social Enterprise Category Awards?

Yes, an applicant is allowed to apply for both categories of awards if the projects are different. However, for one project under consideration, the applicant can apply for only one category. Before applying, kindly go through the eligibility criteria mentioned separately for the NPO & Social Enterprise Category Awards at "How to Apply"

Can I submit multiple applications?

No. The applicant is required to submit only one application for each NPO and Social Enterprise Award. Multiple applications for same category of award are not permitted. The applicant will be disqualified in case of multiple applications for same project under different category.

For MAIN AWARD category, do I need to furnish the supporting documents for substantiating the claims w.r.t impact generated due to project activity?

Yes, complete documents need to be shared with the Vodafone Foundation. The supporting documents would be required to evaluate the performance of your project and can consequently contribute to a higher assessment. All applications should be supported by relevant documents. All applicants may be asked at any time during the period of evaluation to substantiate the claims made in the form.

What is supporting documentation?

It is any documentation which objectively shows what your project is about. Feel free to send pictures, brochures, reports, power point presentations, short video films, etc. The Vodafone Foundation recommends sending supporting documentation in electronic format. You are also required to send the working model of your solution or details for the evaluation committee to download the same from internet if required.

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