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Category: Health

Project: Operation ASHA

Ppasha's TV Contact Tracing and Active Case Finding software increases detection rates and diagnosis of potential patients.

Founded in 2006, Operation ASHA (OpASHA) provides tuberculosis treatment and education services in 2,053 slums and villages in 9 Indian states and 2 provinces in Cambodia. As part of its larger project of identification and treatment of TB patients, OpASHA launched in 2013 a mobile application of its Contact Tracing and Active Case Finding software. OpASHA's software seeks to identify and diagnose persons who may have been exposed to an infected pulmonary positive TB patient. The software works in two modes – Contact Tracing and Active Case Finding. In both modes, a TB suspect goes through a set of questions, if answer to any of the questions is yes, the health worker enters contact details of the TB suspect.

After the suspect details are saved, the system keeps track of the suspect through each stage of diagnosis. The diagnosis is termed as 'Completed' if the diagnostic results are indicative of TB. If diagnostic results are negative, the suspect is 'Archived' into the system. The application can be used on any Android device. Since the launch of the application, over 7,000 people have been screened in Gwalior, Dharavi and in multiple districts of Cambodia.

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Category: Women Empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: SNEHA

(Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action): Little Sisters project helping tackle the social issue of domestic violence with mobile phone technology

Since 2001, the Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action (SNEHA) has been working in Dharavi, Mumbai to reduce maternal mortality, newborn mortality, malnutrition and domestic violence. In April 2014, SNEHA launched the Little Sisters project which uses smart phones for a crowd sourced notification, tracking and response coordination system for domestic violence cases.
SNEHA has developed and customised three different mobile technology solutions. The first is a smart phone survey using Open Data Kit to increase reporting and map domestic violence incidents. The second is EyeWatch, an emergency alert system that is integrated with its response coordination system of field staff and it helps with live tracking, mapping, raising emergency response and video audio recording.

Third, a toll free number has been set up that is given to the clients coming to the counselling centre. Whenever survivors face another incident of violence, they can send a missed call to raise an alert for immediate intervention. It is also possible for SNEHA to send an inconspicuous SMS periodically to these clients to prevent any form of repeat violence on them. SNEHA has also developed a Little Sister Club of 10 youths in the community to intervene in domestic violence issues. So far, 255 survivors have benefited.

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Category: Health

Project: Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust

Eye Connect, a customized mobile application to overcome eye care challenges in remote areas

Established in 1977, the Sankara Eye Care Institution today has 13 eye hospitals across 6 states of India and provides eye care to the poor. In 2013, it launched Eye-Connect, a customised Android-based mobile application, to automate community eye care. The project addresses multiple challenges faced in outreach programs in remote areas. Under this project, field workers use mobile phones to survey and screen households for detection of individuals in need of eye care, and refer them for advanced evaluation to camps conducted in their area by the hospital using a smart Decision Support System.

The application also promotes awareness of eye ailments, eye donation and availability of eye care services by showing audio-video educative tools to rural households. Furthermore, the application screens individuals and refers them to base hospitals for surgical interventions, guides identified individuals to forthcoming nearby camps through a geo tagging feature and uses captured information to plan future eye care service delivery activities. A pilot project launched across four villages over a period of three months has benefited 705 people.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Self Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action (SRIJAN)

A mobile- based soya crop monitoring system that enables women farmers increase profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Set up in 1997, Self-Reliant Initiatives Through Joint Action (SRIJAN) works to empower the rural poor in areas such as agriculture, horticulture, dairy, livelihoods, water resources management, etc. The project Soya Samriddhi project seeks to increase the profitability of small women farmers by use of mobile phones by community representatives to monitor, control and increase productivity, efficiency and profitability of soya crops.
SRIJAN field representatives at the grassroots level use a mobile phone to register the women farmers in the programme and build a complete profile with primary details, land details, crop details, bank details, resource details etc.

Secondly, they survey the exact area of the crop and suggest inputs based on exact area to optimise input costs and increase productivity and quality. Each selected profile is thengeo-tagged for traceability, making it locally and globally competitive.
Women farmers feed in the relevant data capturing inputs used in the farm and receive advice based on practices followed; thus enabling timely implementation of the package of practices. The Soya Samriddhi service also captures issues with images and voice records and provides farmers with immediate advisory from the central SRIJAN team.

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Category: Governance

Project: Surat Municipal Corporation

Citizen Connect SMS mobile app to empower citizens with access to information and grievance redressal of local government services.

Surat Municipal Corporation became the first municipal corporation in India to introduce a mobile application for citizens when it launched the Citizens Connect SMC Mobile App in 2013. The mobile app that is downloadable free of cost on the corporation’s website or Google Play Store offers a whole range of informative, interactive and transactional services to citizens. In informative services, the app allows citizens to access information on registration details of shops and establishments, elected and administrative wings, active tender information, recruitment advertisements and rainfall information.

In interactive services the app covers complaint registration, sharing of feedback, a “Where can I?” facility which uses GPS technology to help find the nearest redressal facility, downloading of forms pertaining to various services, various citizen facilities and emergency toolkit. The transactional services empowers citizens to check and pay outstanding or advance property tax, check and pay profession tax (EC), check and pay water meter bills, check and obtain birth certificates and check and obtain death certificates. The app has become popular within a short space of time with more than 52,387 downloads from India and in 15 other countries. In addition, the app has received over 18 million service requests and over 7400 complaints.

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Project: Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP)

Arogya Sakhi, a mobile application helping rural women entrepreneurs delivering preventive health care at rural doorsteps.

Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) began with rehabilitation work following the Latur earthquake in 1993 and initiated the mobile-enabled Arogya Sakhi project in 2003 that aims to deliver preventive health care solutions at the doorstep of rural households through rural women health entrepreneurs, called Arogya Sakhis - using mobile health diagnostics and modern mobile technology. Sakhis equipped with tablets and mobile health devices such as blood pressure machines, glucometers, etc., travel to doorsteps of village women and conduct a series of tests (preventive) through mobile health devices.

The data captured is reviewed by a physician, who then provides her expert comments and generates a medical report. Arogya Sakhis then deliver the reports, provide verbal clarifications as directed and communicate details of the care and precautions to the patients at their doorsteps. Those detected with anomalies in any of the tests are alerted and those identified with high risks are referred to SSP’s existing local network of hospitals and doctors. Thus far, the project has benefited over 1800 women in Solapur, Washim, Osmanabad and Ahmednagar districts.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Green Agrevolution - Enhancing efficiency in agri value chain

Challenge – Bridging gaps for small farmers for them to capitalise on their crop productivity, market pricing and income. To create a one stop solution platform for small and marginal farmers for all their farming needs.

Innovation – Green Agrevolution has developed a web and mobile interface to their 'DeHaat' service. Mobile application is mainly used by extension officers (Channel partners) who act as last mile service providers. By using DeHaat application, extension officers implement following activities:
a) Farmers registration ( Data of land-soil type, landholding for future recommendation)
b) Field visit ( Registering farm based queries in picture, audio and text format which directly goes to R&D team)
c) Extension officers aggregate demand for inputs and place order through mobile phone itself which gets delivered within 2 to 3 days.
d) Market linkage
e) Farmers' feedback
f) Crop reminder calls

  • Web is used by admin where information and products (seeds, fertilizers) are posted.
  • Various queries of farmers are registered and updated on cloud based server, which are subsequently routed to right people or partner for query resolution.

With the use of ICT, they connect small farmers of remote locations to best inputs, information ∓ market. By capturing field level data they also monitor the entire production process and advice every individual farmer at each critical step of production in advance.

Impact – The application was launched in January 2015. Currently there are 5700 farmers, across 6 districts of Bihar and 1 district of Odisha, benefitting from the solution.

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Category: Education

Project: Hippocampus Information System

Challenge – To bridge the gap in education at the rural level. Thereby creating learning opportunities for children between the age groups of 3-6 years and enabling power of choice among them.

Innovation – The application is guided by the principle of "Make Your Child a Self-Learner" with programs working to help the very young develop skills and knowledge that they need to encounter the challenges of tomorrow. The various modules of the application are used to:

  • Identify space in a village to set up out learning centers
  • Help in recruiting teachers
  • Enroll children in centers. Help in keeping track of children and understand their socio-economic background

  • Track student attendance and most importantly the monthly assessments giving insights into the learning levels of children
  • Constantly give feedback about the classroom, teaching and learning of children. This is used by field managers to help in standardization and improve efficiency.
  • Manage training of teachers that helps in creating training batches, gathering attendance and feedback of training.

Impact – Launched in May 2015, the application has benefitted over 11000 students in addition to teachers, parents and employees living in 214 villages across the state of Karnataka.

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Category: Health

Project: SAS Poorna Arogya Program SAS PAP

Challenge – Lack of affordable, inclusive and quality health care services to the rural and urban poor of the country. The systems in hospitals are not available in time for the Executives to file claims.

Innovation – Since filing claims is a big challenge in the hospitals due to unavailability of systems to the executives, SAS Poorna Arogya Healthcare has developed a web based application that can be used to file medical claims without a computer, in a seamless manner. It is an innovative model that is self - sustaining in addition to being measurable, scalable and predictable.

Impact – The application was launched in 2010 and has been responsible for outpatient care of 2 lakh members and treatment of 13,000 members in the states of Karnataka and Assam.

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Category: Women empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: Himmat

The Himmat/Nirbhaya mobile applications send SOS alerts during an emergency. These alerts are transmitted to the police control room with the victim's location, video and audio. The control room then appropriately assigns these SOS tickets to the nearest police station, PCR vehicle and the victim's family.

This is one of the first women's safety applications that is fully integrated with the Police Control Room.

So much so that The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has appreciated the initiative and is looking at this as an example for other apps. The app is built on robust technology and has many unique features such as Power Button, ShakeNAlert, No GPRS Functioning, TrackMe, StampSafeUnsafe, GeoFensing of Police Stations etc.

They have had 100,000 downloads across various categories and smartphones and is now integrated with SmartCloud's employee transport management solution: SmartCommute (

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: BioAvert I: Biological program of disease aversion for horticulture crops

Challenge – Overcome the difficulties of rural farmers with a cornerstone solution to engage with rural farmers on a day-to-day basis to help them achieve a high quality yield, thereby increasing income. Important content can be locally stored and thus used even with a spotty connection which is rather common in rural areas.

Innovation – BioAvert I is an Android and iOS based application that enables farmers to implement better farming practices, provides knowledge on pesticide application methods, crop rotation etc. In addition, farmers share their queries, participate in polls and take part in surveys that provide data keys for research thereby implementing a two way communication channel.

Phase II of the project is being implemented with multi-lingual options and will be an android based software. Phase III will provide onsite analysis, preventive diagnosis and analysis based advice.

This project also has a huge environmental impact.

Impact – Launched in October 2014, the application has benefitted 1000 farmers in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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Category: Education

Project: Akshar

Challenge – Reaching out to the non-Marathi speaking children of the Madia tribe, to learn Marathi (the medium of education in Maharashtra), in order to equip them with the basics of the language when they start school.

Innovation – Akshar is an e-learning Android based application that provides elementary education in the mother-tongue of the Madia tribal people.

The application engages local tribal teachers so that children can relate to pronunciations well. It is installed on a generic 7-inch Android tablet and consists of four components: Learning-Alphabet learning, Story reading, Story listening and Testing. The tablet is connected with a speaker set so that the audio sections are clearly audible to the children. A solar panel connection kit also accompanies the set.

Impact – Launched in September 2014, the application has potentially benefitted 8000 children across 120 villages in the state of Maharashtra.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Apps for Good - Catalyst for Empowering Youths for Environment Conservation

Challenge - Addresses the issue of environment conservation by engaging people in making conservation more logical and participatory with the help of objective science.

Innovation - There are 4 apps developed under this project in total – Bird Find, Butterflies & Bees, Tree Watch, Pollinators. These apps displays information such as High Resolution Image, Common and Scientific n1ames, Key data like IUCN status, Endemic, Rarity, Size, Typical Habitat, Localities and provide special feature like – Reporting your own sighting of the birds etc. This helps to raise awareness and action for the conservation of natural heritage –birds, bees-butterflies, trees and pollinators.

Impact - The Mobile Apps initiative aims at reaching out to students, teachers and general public countrywide. The Mobile Apps are being showcased on the Science Express Train during 15 October 2015 to 7 May 2016, reaching out to 64 locations. The project is connecting with young people at 7 project locations of Earthwatch Institute India. It is hoped that the project on Mobile Apps will have an outreach to about 2,00,000 young people countrywide upto March 2018.

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Category: Education

Project: Vidya Helpline

Challenge – Supporting students in career counseling and providing guidance for the right jobs/careers.

Innovation - Vidya Help line bridges this gap by using mobile phones to provide excellent, accurate and timely guidance and information to assist students in pursuing their education and career building. Vidya Help line provides a Toll free tele- counseling service to assist student callers in queries related to career guidance, admissions counseling, etc. They also have a Mobi counsel targeting a general community for career exposure through the mobile application. They provide career Information on Mobile using texts, voice messaging and WhatsApp.

Impact - Currently the project is running successfully with its operations in 6 centers across 4 states and more than 75,000 students have been benefitted through the helpline. Nirmaan wants to extend the outreach to all the 10,000 Government schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the near future.

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Category: Health

Project: Kahani jindagi ki (Stories of Life)

Challenge – Targeting empowerment of low income communities in Health, Child protection and livelihood with a focus on informed sexual choices.

Innovation – This project involves working with m-health technology among adolescents between 13-19 years of age, to enhance the knowledge of especially adolescents on sexual and reproductive health, sexuality, the body rights and gender issues.(extended to HIV/AIDS). Micro SD-cards have been launched, through which the same information can be accessed on the mobile phones as educative chips.

Impact – Till date 30 teen groups in 23 villages in Palajori block of Deoghar district, Jharkhand with approximately 360 adolescents have been impacted with this solution.

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Category: Women empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: Gpower - Successful Transition from Childhood to adulthood

Challenge – To address problems of implementation faced by national development programs targeted at the girl child.

Innovation - Adolescents, aged 10-19 years, comprise about 30 percent of India’s population, but are not making a healthy transition to a productive adulthood. The digital solution GPower is aimed at driving a comprehensive development and empowerment program to help improve and potentially transform the lives of the adolescent girls at risk. Accenture as a pro bono technology partner, conceptualized, designed and built the entire digital solution as part of its broader Tech4Good initiative and as digital solution that can impact people’s lives positively at scale.

It is a life-saving tool incubating and developing an innovative IT-Enabled system ITEs,which identifies and tracks the vulnerabilities of adolescent girls ahead of time through pre-set indicators, data management and analysis, plans to mitigate through community-based actions - assessing impact especially on the issues of school drop-out, early marriage, child labour and trafficking.A community facilitator is able to quickly and accurately record status indicators of a girls education, protection, health and nutrition in a mobile/ tablet. The solution keeps the facilitator informed of follow up dates and interventions, with alerts when timely action should be taken to mitigate any risks to a girl’s status. The solution also creates links across the government agencies that provide support for adolescent girls, giving the facilitator a ready view into the services across the four pillars that should be leveraged for each individual to reduce her vulnerability index.

Impact – GPower is currently works with over 6000 families in about 20 villages of West Bengal.

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Category: Women empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: Enhancing sustainable Livelihood of Rural women through mobile based lifelong learning

Challenge – Targeting women empowerment, community health, environment and legal empowerment through promotion of sustainable Community based organisations.

Innovation - VIDIYAL is catering to need of farmers working on Horticulture and livestock in the project area for a platform where they can interact with: Input Suppliers (Seeds, feed & Fodder, fertilizers, pesticides, Machinery and credit), Marketing Channels (Wholesale Markets, Rural Markets, Commission agents/traders, processing industries etc).

This project aims to strengthen competency Development program and Advisory Services using Mobile Technology Applications for Women who have taken up "Goat Rearing & Development Farm Activities", as an Income Generation Agricultural activities, at grassroots level, and also through "enhancing sustainable Livelihood of Rural women through mobile based Life Long Learning (LLL)".

Impact – the project has impacted over 20,000 people so far in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu.

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Category: Government Solutions

Project: Aadhaar enabled Public Distribution System - AePDS. Mobile App Name : SCM FPS Status

NIC is a premier organisation that comes under DIT, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India. As per the guidelines of Ministry of Food & civil Supplies, Dept., FCS, Government of Andhra Pradesh directions has taken up end-to-end computerisation of the public distribution system (PDS) to plug-in leakages and to improve transparency in the PDS system.

The main components of the Android based Aadhaar enabled system:

Creation & Management of digitized Beneficiary Database

Supply-Chain Management of TPDS commodities from Food

Corporation of India (FCI) till Fair Price Shops (FPS)

Sale of TPDS commodities at Fair Price Shops including identification and

Authentication of beneficiaries and recording of transactions.

Transparency and Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The Fair Price shop dealers, Department officials and citizens across the state can check shop wise current Allocation details and stock availability by entering the district and fair price shop number. All Ration Card holders can check the availability of stock in Fair Price Shops and then go to collect it And as portability(Any where Rationing)facility is provided by the e-PDS project, They are empowered to go to any shop where stock is available.

The Post-Implementation Scenario has shown reassuring signs; the Aadhar enabled PDS has been successful in weeding out bogus ration cards, been able to address the concerns of dealers & beneficiaries. The government exchequer is now able to save around Rs 10 Crore per district with the implementation of this PDS. The ePOS enables one to enter grievances if any, while their mobile apps help monitor the availability of stock.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Unnati

Organisation Name: Akshamaala Solutions Pvt Ltd

Challenge – Aimed to bring efficiencies to the overall agriculture value chain using technology as an enabler.

Innovation – Unnati” is a service targeted at farmers. This will help bring efficiencies to the overall agriculture value chain using technology as an enabler. Every aspect of the complete farming ecosystem is being built over a digital backbone. Data science will be used for helping improve the efficiencies across the farming lifecycle.The app can be either directly used by farmers or they can visit their local “Unnati Farm Centers” (UFC).

UFC are local youth who operate centers in villages. These youth use Unnati app to order provisioning of inputs and to post the output requirement along with farm equipment (to be launched). Unnati Farm Centers (UFC) are local youth run virtual centers for demand and supply aggregation. They provide local logistics and collection support services. Unnati focuses on training of UFCs to deliver services, support collections etc.

Impact – Coverage in the districts of Agra, Mathura,Hathras, Bulandshahar, Aligarh & Firozabad.Current number of Farm Centers: 158

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Category: Education

Project: CoBELS

Organisation Name: Callystro Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Challenge – Empowering student learning and bridging education gap.

Innovation – CoBELS is a one of a kind learning solution that maps the scholastic and co scholastic skills prescribed by the curriculum into engaging games. These games can be blended into the formal learning system to provide a real life context to concepts learnt in class. Learners can carry out actions, see the results of their actions and can make corrections while learning a concept. Its a self paced non intrusive solution that helps learners learn at their own pace without the fear of failure. Available across several platforms, the solution is scalable across geographies.

    It reduces the need for extensive Teacher Learning Materials for teachers and does not provide technological burden to the teachers. It additional provides support for teachers to be able to create online assessments and assignments thereby, handling user progress thereby reducing their load. The framework provides the flexibility to support multiple languages and add any new competency whenever required. Callystro holds the unique distinction of gamifying almost anything - right from hard financial skills to algebra to practical geometry!

    Impact – Over 55000 users using the product.Schools in Delhi NCR region in partnership with Nucleus Foundation.

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Category: Women Empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: Samwad- Two Way Interactive Platform

Organisation Name: I Exist Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Challenge – Delivery of financial awareness & social security awareness / services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society.

Innovation – Interactions are done over SMS / IVR / Android Mobile App chat. It is an interactive platform and the system sends adaptive communication based on customers response.

Content is structured in an adaptive way so that the end users finds it interesting and engaging. Software stack includes Postgress, SQL Server as database. Application tier with NGNIX / G-Unicorn and client with IE, Chrome, Firefox. Reports with Pentaho Enterprise Version. Further programming languages with application on python, Django, Celery and Pentaho.

Impact – Digital literacy impact assessment covering more than 1,10,000 users on pan India basis.

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Category: Health

Project: Qplus Hearing Aid App

Organisation Name: Quadio Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Challenge – Using digital signal processing technology to allow hearing impaired individuals to hear normally.

Innovation Quadio's Q+ hearing App converts any iOS or Android smartphone into a Hearing Aid. Our software harnesses the processing power of smartphones and uses digital signal processing technology to allow hearing impaired individuals to hear normally. The app can conduct a precise hearing test that provides accurate diagnosis of the degree of hearing loss. It uses these test results to provide near exact compensation for hearing loss at different frequencies, creating a customized hearing experience. The App can be downloaded for free besides being discreet.

The App can be downloaded from anywhere- so people without access to Audiologists can do a self-assessment of their hearing loss. Users can call our resident audiologists and also get a free specialist consultation . The App is free. People who cannot afford a traditional hearing aid can use this app on basic smartphones. The App is discreet. It looks like the user is using their hands-free kit, as opposed to a stigmatizing hearing aid.

Impact – In just a short span of 4 months the organisation has received more than 10,000 installs..

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Category: Health

Project: Ausodhyatmika

Organisation Name: Krishna Kant Tiwari

Challenge – Providing right Information during Medical Emergency thereby bringing Transparency and Bridging the Information Gap Digitally.

Innovation – Ausodhyatmika is a social service android application that provides information about healthcare and is specific for people of India. The application uses Google map to display search results and has provision to make Calls, send SMS, Email and open Website. Users can register as Blood Donor/Recipient. Users can also register Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Pathology Labs & Diagnostics, Pharmacies and Veterinary Hospitals for system of medicines such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Unani.

Users can provide feedback and update on registered units Geo-Location.The Application provides “Report Abuse” feature wherein users can inform about false information/unlawful activities. Verification of such abuse when confirmed blocks the users from misusing the application forever. It alsoprovides Emergency Helpline Numbers National and State wise. . These helplines numbers are meant to deal with specific situations and hence is very useful in need.

Impact – 20,000 plus downloads across India since inception that would have impacted 100,000 plus people.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Plant, Geotag and Track Trees using SankalpTaru G1 Mobile App

Organisation Name: Sankal Taru Foundation

Challenge - Empowering people by making tree plantation convenient through the use of the mobile.

Innovation - SankalpTaru G1 application provides everyone a mobile platform to plant trees from anywhere in the world at a location they desire with just a few clicks. This helps the planter far away to connect to the environment as they could in no other way as well as support the livelihood of the poor farmers. It also gives opportunity to every single individual to play their role of contributing to the planet by neutralizing their carbon footprint, which they can calculate on this application.

As SankalpTaru G1 application is not only used for the online planters but also by the villagers who plant trees for them, they are well trained to use this technology, and due to simplicity of the application, they are able to upload images and use the GPS location for each plant.

Impact - There have been Beneficiaries: 22,000 plus , 500+ Green Schools and 10,000 plus Students engaged in Schools

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Category: Government Solutions

Project: Oral Pre Cancer Screening Programme

Organisation Name: NOHP-NHM Tamilnadu

Challenge – The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early, when there is a greater chance for a cure.

Innovation - It is a GPS enabled device which can give a virtual summary of the whole proceeding in real time. One hand held device will be handled per PHC ( for both the Dental Surgeon & Dental Assistant ) during the hands-on training & both were trained to use the hand held device . It has paved way to revolutionise the way health care will be provided to our citizens in future.

The reliability and quality of the data as the data is online & ease of access to the Administrators/Planners to monitor and take timely immediate actions are its key strengths.

Impact - The project scope is entire Tamil Nadu State covering all 6900+ villages. The present coverage of the project includes 32 districts and has the user base of 293 Dental surgeons and 293 Dental assistants.

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Category: Agriculture & Environment

Project: Composite Landscape Assessment & Restoration Tool (CLART)

Organisation Name: Foundation for Ecological Securities

Challenge – Empower the rural communities for better planning and decision making regarding soil and water conservation.

Innovation – The Composite Land Assessment and Restoration Tool CLART has been developed to assist village level functionaries to appropriately identify, plan and design structures based on recharge potentiality, land use land cover and slope.The tool is designed to empower the rural communities for better planning and decision making.

This decision support tool takes into account the recharge potentiality derived from lithology, drainage and slope along with landuse and landcover to provide a colour coded map interface for easy understanding by even illiterate or semi literate people.

Impact – The efficacy of this plan has been demonstrated and tested through preparation of detailed project report (DPR) for more than 30000 ha across 3 districts in Rajasthan and in developing plans for 4 panchayats in Chikaballapur under the Papagni River Rejuvenation program.

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Category: Education

Project: Missed call do, Kahaani Suno

Organisation Name: Pratham Books

Challenge – Promote reading acquisition among children by providing millions of underserved children with easy access to good quality, affordable books in Indian languages to introduce the joy of reading to them.

Innovation - The project is centered on distributing audio stories through mobile phones. Mobile phones exist in most Indian households today and can be a powerful and scalable distribution medium.The campaign is called ‘Missed Call do Kahaani Suno‘ and it entails a child giving a missed call to a number and s/he would get a callback to be able to listen to an audio story.

Missed Call’ is a term recognised across languages and demographics and at zero-cost to the beneficiaries; it formed the foundation for the very successful pilot program that we have already tested in Delhi.

Impact – 37,000 missed calls were received from 3500 numbers and 2500 children listened to 35,000 stories in 5 days.

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Category: Health


Organisation Name: Amar Sewa Sangam

Challenge – Using technology to train parents to provide early intervention therapy in their own homes to children with disabilities.

Innovation - The rehabilitation experts, with the help of computer programming centres will design simple and user-friendly tablet based apps which focus on topics such as gross and fine motor development, speech and language skills, and feeding techniques. Travelling Community Rehabilitation workers will be armed with tablets containing these apps which they will use to train parents in rural communities. Parents will be taught about their child's development and trained to provide early intervention therapy.

Tablets will also be used to relay important information back to physio/ speech and occupational therapists at our centre, who will watch videos of these children and make recommendations for treatment. Video conferencing using existing satellite internet networks will enhance treatment by providing caregivers with immediate feedback from therapists.

Impact – 353 children with improved health care and 1272 caregivers have been educated in providing early intervention therapy in their homes.

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Category: Women empowerment & Inclusive Development

Project: Project Eyeway

Organisation Name: Score Foundation

Challenge - Making knowledge related to life with blindness available to people from all over the country.

InnovationPrimary service provided under Project Eyeway is that of a national help desk. The helpdesk has one toll free number which people from all corners of India can call. Though people call one number, they can speak to visually impaired counsellors in local languages and get relevant solutions for their queries and concerns. As a platform, Eyeway is a one-window access that brings together a rich treasure trove of resources.

We use technology solutions like a cloud-based telephony routing system along with the internet to create an accessible platform for people spread across India.

Impact – In the last 10 years, the organisation has directly reached out to 16,000 people. Given the substantial number of persons living with blindness across India, Eyeway evolved into a network of 6 like-minded organizations in December 2015. Since then, in just the last 6 months, they have reached out to 4000 people spread across the country with varied linguistic, cultural and socio-political backgrounds.

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Category: Women Empowerment & Inclusive Developmet

Project: Kishor Varta

Organisation Name: Centre for Health and Social Justice

Challenge - Communicating meaningful messages contributing to knowledge creation and a shift in discourse around the issues of gender, sexuality and reproductive health.

InnovationA series of 10-15 minutes audio stories in Hindi revolving around captivating fictional characters were conceived and professionally recorded. Each deals with a prevalent social issue and focusses on the role of men and boys in particular to initiate positive change.

Through the use of a digital IVRS platform the stories could be heard by dialling a toll free number widely disseminated in the project area. For a story to move ahead, listenerschoose from several options so is a two-way communication.Also, questions related to issues discussed in the stories can be recorded, to be later answered through SMS keeping the user confidentiality in mind.

Impact – Over the last two years CISC in Mewat has answered about 8500 calls from 320 villages. Schools in Delhi NCR region in partnership with Nucleus Foundation.

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