Mobile For Good 2016

The M4G Awards 2016 'Leading Change Maker- NPO Category' winners will receive recognition, Awards grant and mentorship to winning NGOs/NFPs. This year, the total Awards grant is

  • This will provide six winning NGOs in the category (excluding government solutions winner) with access to crucial funding of INR 1,500,000 (fifteen lakh rupees) each, over a period of one year.
  • In addition, the six winning NGOs (excluding sub category government solutions) will receive structured mentoring, monitoring and impact evaluation support from credible institutions, incubators, etc. to upscale and build greater capacity of their projects.

There will be one winner in the 'M4G Award 2016 for Achievement - Government solution' category, who will receive a recognition certificate.

The five M4G Awards 2016 'Leading Change Maker- For profit Category' winners will receive a recognition certificate.

All M4G Awards winners and finalists will get a chance to display their unique innovations in the recently launched Social App Hub.

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