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    Busy Caller Tune

    For all those times when you can't take a call and yet don't want to be rude and reject it, set up a Profile Tune and let your callers know exactly why you're too busy to talk at the moment. We've got a vast range…from "busy in a meeting" to "driving", "watching a movie" and "traveling abroad". Select your busy profile and the number of hours or days you'd like to make the change for.

    How to set busy caller tunes?

    USSD String Activation Process:
    • Dial *567*6# (Toll Free)from your Vodafone Mobile Numbers to activate Meeting, Holiday,Unwell, etc profile tunes of your choice.

    • If you are a non activate callertunes customer, you will be charged Rs. 15 per month.
    • If callertune is activate on your cell number, you can use profile tunes at free of cost.?

    • If you do not set the language and time, an English profile will be set for 1 hour as default.
    • For some busy messages, the time should be entered in days (for example, to set a Busy Message for International Roaming for 3 days in English the command will be CT INTERNATIONAL ENG 3 to 56789. If the number of days is not specified, 1 day will be taken as default. The time unit (Hours or Days) for all Busy Messages can be obtained from the table below Examples
    • To set a Busy Message for 1 hour indicating in English that you are busy with some important work, sms CT BUSY to 56789
    • To set a Busy Message for 3 hours indicating in Hindi that you are watching a movie, sms CT MOVIE HIN 3 to 56789
    • To set a Busy Message for 1 hour indicating in Hindi that you are out for lunch, sms CT LUNCH HIN to 56789
    • To set a Busy Message for 2 hours indicating in English that your phone is low on battery, sms CT BATTERY 2 to 56789

    Charges: Rs. 36 monthly rental. Selection charges Rs. 15 & SMS to 56789 Rs.5 per SMS.​​​​​​



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