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    Super VoLTE HD Voice Calls

     Vodafone Super VoLTE​​​​​

    Super VoLTE Ultra HD Quality Voice calls 

    Advantages of having Super VoLTE

    Assured Quality of Service 

    Assured Quality of Service

    Experience High Definition (HD) voice calls with superior quality like never before
    Super-fast call setup time 

    Super-fast call setup time

    Talking to those that matter will not have to wait. Now, connect instantly on calls.
    Simultaneous Voice and 4G LTE Data 

    Simultaneous Voice and 4G Data

    Stay always online with uninterrupted 4G Data even during voice calls

    How to get started?

    Own a VoLTE enabled handset 

    Own a VoLTE enabled handset

    Check the compatible handsets below
    Vodafone 4G SIM   

    Vodafone 4G SIM

    Don't have it yet? Buy new 4G SIM or Upgrade your SIM from here
    Latest OS update  

    Latest OS update

    Ensure you have updated the latest OS release from your handset vendor

    4G VoLTE Compatible Handsets

    Don’t worry if your handset is not yet mentioned in the list. We are working with all handset vendors to bring Vodafone VoLTE support to your phone soon

    KULT Impulse

    Check VoLTE active circles

    VOLTE is currently available in all cities

    4g VoLTE FAQs & Support

    1. What is Vodafone Super VoLTE?

    2. How is Vodafone Super VoLTE different from standard voice?

    Vodafone Super VoLTE provides ultra-high definition call quality which makes voices sound more natural and you will hear much less background noise compared to any other standard voice call. So that you can hear the other person clearly even if they are in a noisy place.

    3. How do I use Vodafone Super VoLTE?

    To enjoy Vodafone Super VoLTE services, you need to:

    • Have a VoLTE enabled handset (To know if your handset is Vodafone Super VoLTE compatible or not, SMS 4G CHECK to 199)
    • Ensure that your handset has been upgraded with the latest software provided by your handset manufacturer
    • Ensure that you are using a 4G SIM
    • Verify that the VoLTE voice calling feature has been enabled on your smartphone
      • For iOS: Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G ->Voice & Data
      • For Android: Settings -> Mobile networks -> Turn on VoLTE call.
      *These settings may differ from one handset model to another depending on the handset manufacturer. You may call 198 for any further assistance.
    • For users with Dual SIM handsets, Vodafone SIM should be inserted in the SIM slot with data capability and network mode as "4G/3G/2G (Auto)".

    4. Is Vodafone Super VoLTE available in my city/area?

    List of cities with Vodafone Super VoLTE services is available above

    5. How will I know if I am on Vodafone Super VoLTE service?

    For Android users: The “HD/VoLTE” icon will be shown on the top bar of the screen

    For iOS users: There is no visual change. However, they can verify the VoLTE status through the settings under mobile data.

    6. How much does Vodafone Super VoLTE service cost?

    There is no additional cost for Vodafone Super VoLTE service. VoLTE is one more way in which Vodafone is building a better network for its’ customers.

    7. Do I need to activate a separate/special pack for Vodafone Super VoLTE service?

    No. The existing plan will support the VoLTE services.

    8. Will Vodafone Super VoLTE calls consume data?

    No. VoLTE calls will not consume any data. It will be charged as per your normal calls.

    9. What happens if I travel outside of the Vodafone Super VoLTE coverage area?

    If you or the person you are talking with travels outside the Vodafone Super VoLTE coverage area during a VoLTE call, then your call will automatically switch to our standard voice service.

    10. Can I use Vodafone Super VoLTE internationally?

    No. This service can be used only nationally (wherever it is available).However, a customer will be able to make regular calls on 3G and 2G as well.




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